Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 11: A Day of Rest for me

Day 11: A day of rest for me

The group left at 8 a.m. for a nature walk to a waterfall and then the canopy walk.  They call it a “walk,” but it was to be similar to yesterday and I knew that my body wanted a break.  I slept in and then walked up for the buffet lunch.  I ate with three women who were part of a medical team, here in the region to teach about aspects of needed medicine: pregnancy, delivery babies…  The group was from a Louisville, KY and the nearby regions.  It seemed that these individuals have done this before in other parts of the world.


The guesthouse lies near Lake Kivu, a large lake from which our side, we can see Congo.  It is beautiful.  At lunch, I could sit outside with a view of the lake.  We will be following the lake when we leave this place in two days.


Have I mentioned food?  I have eaten mostly rice and beans, with some soup, French fries, some beef, some chicken, plantains, carrots, string beans, bananas… I make sure to eat what I know should not cause me any digestive distress.  I have been drinking Coca-Cola most of my adult life, but I have never seen someone open a bottle of coke with another bottle of coke.  They do not have screw top bottles here.  

As I finish this set of blogs, I am sitting in my small living room listening to Les Mis on my portable CD player.  Now, I need to walk to the students’ porch to get into the internet to upload these.  I hope that you are enjoying reading my blogs – I think of those of you I know.

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